Pneumatic Tubes is a file management application patterned on the pneumatic tubes mail and package routing system used in corporate offices in the mid-19th century. You define preset file destinations (routes) for each file drop area (tubes), and any files drag-and-dropped into the tube are moved to the defined location.

The application leverages existing Windows file management routines, so any conflicts will be handled by the familiar Windows interface. Such conflicts include, but are not limited to, the following: moving to a location with the same file name, moving read-only files, moving multiple files, etc.

The basic tubes are no-frills, mapped drop locations. No need to setup rules to where certain files go. They're just like regular Windows Explorer folders, only centralized to one window.

There is also the Conveyor Belt section, where all files in a defined folder are lined up for you to re-route to any tubes. Each tube has the additional property of a keyboard shortcut key. Pressing these shortcut keys automatically routes the current file to the tube's destination folder. This is ideal for those lazy days of organizing large collections of files and you just want to do all the work with as little effort as possible.